Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas

Use these unique wedding ideas to make your wedding stand out and be memorable.

There are certain ideas and things you’ll want to incorporate into your wedding day, but you don’t want your big day to look exactly like everyone else’s.

There are a number of things you can do to make your wedding stand out, especially if a lot of people you know are getting married around the same time. Here are some unique ideas to make your day the best it can be… and one that will stand out.

Idea#1: Create a Reception Lounge

Receptions often have a meal, cake, and a dance.

But not every wedding has a lounge area at the reception. Fill this space with some comfortable chairs and couches so people can take a break from dancing, relax, and have a good conversation.

Idea#2: Have Reception Ushers

You will probably have ushers to greet and escort guests at the ceremony, but why not add some ushers to the reception as well?

The ushers can escort guests to their tables.  Like at an upscale restaurant.

It’s possible that the catering wait staff can take this job, or you can assign a few new ushers or use the ones from the ceremony.

Idea#3: Pre-Ceremony Drinks

Guests won’t expect any kind of food or drink until the reception so it’s a nice surprise when the couple offers light beverages on the way into the ceremony.

You won’t want to serve anything strong, just some fruit-flavored iced teas they can sip as they mingle before taking their seats.

Idea#4: Create Thoughtful, Useful Favors

Wedding favors are standard fare, but how many of them are items guests will actually use during their stay or beyond?

Out of town guests might enjoy custom scented soaps to use instead of the regular hotel stock. If you have an outdoor reception, perhaps utilize spray on sunscreen with a special wedding logo.

Come up with something guests will not only appreciate but can actually use as well.

Idea#5: Flowers for Everyone

This is a fun unique wedding idea…

  1. Ask your florist to set up a flower station with some sturdy blooms
  2. Supply the area with ribbons and pins as well as some easy instructions.
  3. Guests can create their own corsages and boutonnières for the big event.

Normally the wedding party are the only ones that get boutonnieres, corsages or bouquets, but you might want everyone who attends your wedding to have something special too!

Idea#6: Make a Kids Corner

Some children love to dance, but watching adults chat can get boring after a while.

If you know you will have a lot of children at your reception, set up a kid’s corner so parents can have some relief from trying to entertain their kids in an adult situation.

Put some coloring books, crayons, stickers and other small crafts in the corner to entice kids to entertain themselves for a few minutes here and there.

Idea#7: Get Creative with the Guest Book

You’ve seen dozens of guest books at weddings over the years and most couples file that book away, perhaps pulling it out once every decade or so to look over it.

It’s much more fun to get creative with the guest book so you can turn it into something you might enjoy more often.

One idea is to have a jigsaw puzzle made from a photo of you and the groom. Each guest can sign the back of one piece and perhaps add advice or well wishes.

Idea#8: Photo or Video Booth are Fun!

Rent a photo or video booth and allow guests to take silly pictures or record messages for you.

These moments captured are things you would have otherwise missed yourself and you will likely treasure them later.

These are just a few unique wedding ideas to give your wedding the unique touch you want it to have. Your day doesn’t have to look like any one else’s wedding and all it takes is adding one or two interesting items to the normal fare.

Get creative and come up with different ideas and use these 8 ideas as inspiration.

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